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Community Events Waiver

Taking part in a Speed Freaks social event recognises that participation in running and walking is a potentially hazardous activity and you are aware of all risks associated with such participation, including, but not limited to, falls; contact with other participants, spectators, or others, or vehicular or other traffic; the effects of the weather, including heat and/or humidity, wind, cold, and wet or slippery surfaces; falling tree branches or other overhead objects; and the crowded nature and other conditions of the course, all such risks being known and appreciated by participants. By taking part you assume personal responsibility of any potential risks and hazards.


Session guidelines & Expectations

It can be a bit daunting joining something new and we are here to support you. It is important that all groups are safe and supportive for everyone. The ground rules have been developed by our participants in support of this:

Community Groups 24 hours min sobriety prior to group attendance.

Leave drama at home

Role model Speed Freaks Kaupapa

Be Kind & Polite

No space for egos

No judgement

Be Motivating

No judgement

Bring good humour

Say hello and support newcomers.

Appropriate supportive conversations

Have FUN

Be on time

Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing

If you are worried about someone please let a coach or staff member know

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